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KB's Silly Rich

Birth Date: 
Left Ear Tattoo: 
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"KB's SIlly Rich," a redheaded Redskins fan, was recently returned due to her owner's inability to care for her. Prior to her return she was kenneled, and as a "Golden girl" (11 years old), she had lost a few pounds. She's been in foster for a few weeks for observation- to ensure this sweet girl doesn't have any health concerns. While in foster she has learned how much fun pet stores can be! She's a fabulous Meet-n-Greeter, loves to GO for a ride, she smiles and chatters almost non-stop. She does a pretty good job of keeping up with her younger foster brother and sisters. And if you're too busy to notice, she might even sing a little to get your attention at dinner or potty time! Please contact Denise Davis (304) 229-4944 to meet this lovely senior beauty!
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